Aaron McGuinness

Our very own Aaron McGuinness, the Best Physical Therapist in CV for 2016 as awarded by CV weekly being inducted into the CVHS Athletic Hall of Fame.

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Christopher Gerona

A feature of Chris on ESPN.

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Jaclyn Nash

Our combat sports expert helping a weekend warrior regain the use of his shoulder for his love of martial arts.

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The Prehab Guys

We, The Prehab Guys, want to instill new meaning into the term physical therapy. Physical therapy is the key to preventative rehabilitation or “PREHAB” for short.

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USC Residency

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Welcome to Aspire Physical Therapy & Sports Performance

Aspire — “To direct one’s hopes and ambitions toward achieving something.” 

Aspire Physical Therapy & Sports Performance was founded by Dr. Aaron McGuinness DPT, OCS in 2015. Aaron’s athletic background and love of sports inspired his passion to rehabilitate patients to their greatest potential.  We are all athletes and enjoy being active, so if you feel restricted in your physical activities we are here to help.  Aspire Physical Therapy is invested in the local community and serves many of the nearby high school and collegiate sports teams. At Aspire, we strive to treat our patients with the latest Evidence Based Practice. We strive for excellence in patient care and customer service, with a goal to make everyone feel at home in our Aspire Physical Therapy family! We hope to treat you in a way that you with thank the person that referred you to Aspire Physical Therapy.  Call today to scheduled with one of our excellent Doctors of Physical Therapy.

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