Welcome to a Physical Therapy Clinic in La Cañada established to


1. Play your sport without pain

2. Provide NATURAL Specialist Solutions to END pain and stiffness

and ultimately ensure you can stay active,

enjoy your life, and play at your potential


We help you move more and hurt less

How? As physical therapists but more importantly movement experts, it is our job to work with you to identify the CAUSE for the pain that is limiting from doing what you love. When we have pain, it usually a result of two things.

  1. An injury (lifting, jumping, pivoting, car accident, fall) which damages our tissues and causes us to move differently.
  2. We don’t move well in the first place (based on our lifestyles) and tissues are irritated and stressed enough to cause pain and eventually stop you from doing what you love!

“Best staff ever, they all work professionally, and make you feel like home, and they take your pain away, like Tylenol. ” -Arpi N

Here at Aspire Physical Therapy our goal for the initial visit is to learn more about you, your life and what you are unable to do on a daily basis because of your pain.

From there we identify the source of the pain, for instance, a joint in your back causing you to be unable to bend over without pain and all of the things contributing to the pain staying there!

Let’s use the example of back-pain

  1. Are you stiff in your legs which causes too much stress on the joint and then the nerves in your lower back when you are bending?
  2. Do you have a weak butt which increases the stress on your lower back or hip?
  3. Or have you lost the coordination to walk and move well during the bending motion which irritates that same joint

We then come up with a plan to help you get back to golfing, baseball, martial arts, working, running, taking care of your kids, ANYTHING that the pain is preventing you from living your life