Physical Therapy

We help you move more and hurt less.

How? As physical therapists but more importantly movement experts, it is our job to work with you to identify the CAUSE for the pain that is limiting from doing what you love. When we have pain, it usually a result of two things.

  1. An injury (car accident, fall, lifting, jumping, pivoting) which damages our tissues and causes us to move differently.
  2. We don’t move well in the first place (based on our lifestyles) and tissues are irritated and stressed enough to cause pain and eventually stop you from doing what you love!
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So here at Aspire Physical Therapy our goal for the initial visit is to learn more about you, your life and what you are unable to do on a daily basis because of your pain. From there we identify the source of the pain, for instance, a joint in your back causing you to be unable to bend over without pain and all of the things contributing to the pain staying there!

Let’s use the example of back-pain
a. Are you stiff in your legs which causes too much stress on the joint and then the nerves in your lower back when you are bending?
b. Do you have a weak butt which increases the stress on your lower back or hip?
c. Or have you lost the coordination to walk and move well during the bending motion which irritates that same joint.

We then come up with a plan to help you get back to golfing, baseball, working, taking care of your kids, running, going to the toilet, ANYTHING that the pain is preventing you from living your life.

If you’d love to learn more about how we can help you move more and hurt less, request an appointment or call in to speak with an expert!

Sports Performance Training

Aspire Physical Therapy & Sports Performance offers sports specific performance training with our Doctors of Physical Therapy. We will teach our clients how to enhance their athletic performance while remaining free from injury. We take pride in designing a specific program based on your sport of choice. Multiple research studies have proven that combining movement analysis, sports specific training, and evidence based physical therapy techniques have shown great results in both high level athletes and weekend warriors.

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Sports Performance1
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Fitness and Personal Training

Aspire Physical Therapy & Sports Performance offers fitness and strength training with our certified personal trainers. Our clients will learn how to reach their fitness goals in a safe, fun, and supportive environment. Our trainers will perform an initial fitness assessment detailing your current condition, then tailor a fitness and strength program to your needs. We offer group or one on one training sessions.

Gym Program

Aspire Physical Therapy & Sports Performance offers a monthly gym program to clients who want to work out in a fun, safe, and supervised environment. Our team will customize an independent work out plan for you, and supervise your exercises to make sure you maintain proper form to avoid injury. Our program is better than your average gym program with no initiation fees or contracts, with a highly trained team around you to keep you safe while pushing you to your limits!

Massage Therapy

Our excellent massage therapist Armando Macias LMT offers 60 minute or 80minute therapeutic massages to enhance your rehabilitative and wellness experience. Armando works closely with physical therapists to customize your massage to your specific needs.

Therapuetic Modalities include:

  • Pain Management
  • Trigger Point Therapy
  • Advanced Neuromuscular Therapy
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Myofascial Release
  • Swedish Massage

Massage Therapy Prices:

  • $65 for 60 minutes
  • $80 for 80 minutes

* Masssages not covered by insurance